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The content and coverage of the concepts of sunnah and bid'ah as opposed to each other are important today, as they are in the past. Some scholars like Shafi have narrowed the field of sunnah, but they have had to expand the field of bid'ah. However, in this case all sunnahs are praised and all bid'ahs can be placed. However, the contrast between sunnah and bid'at is not fully established. According to these scholars, bid'at is divided into two parts as bid'at-ı hasene and bid'at-ı seyyie in general meaning. Sunnah has no traveler. Along with that, it is an absolute treat. A few scholars, such as Satibi, have narrowed the field of bid, but have not been able to expand the area of sunnah sufficiently. For some of the things that the previous people have called bid'at-i hasene have been using different concepts like maslahat-ı mursele instead of sunnah. According to them, between the concepts of sunnah and bid'at, which are the opposite of each other, there is a gap called "means" by the old saying. However, there is no gap between the opposites. Moreover, the content and scope of the sunnah and bid'at separately assessed tradition has distorted. For example, the Mevlit celebration, which is included in the tradition of sunnah-i hasene (good tradition), has been accepted as bid'at. However, such practices are not accepted as sunnah. It is not right to put it in the bid'at group because it happened after the Prophet Muhammad (sav). In this study, new definitions were made with the aim of bringing out the meaning of sunnah and bid'at, which is the opposite, taking into account the deficiencies mentioned in the definitions of both groups. Moreover, in order to describe these concepts, instead of mixed expressions, hadiths related to the subject were taken as examples and simpler expressions were used. Thus the content of the concepts of sunnah and bid'at used in the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (sav) has been tried to be expressed both in an understandable style and as an original one.

Sunnah, Bid’ah, Tradition, Hasene, Seyyie.

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