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Abstract This paper deals with one of the pre-Islamic poetry's vocabulary and Myateem(sole poems) which protected from loss and the vicissitudes of days, as opposed to the our old poetry that lost and disappeared.It was saved in the era of blogging, where it found in the sheetof Arabian Peninsula Character authored by Hassan bin Ahmed bin Yacoub Al-Hamdani (died about 344 H); a book speaksabout names of the places,sites, valleys and hills, that author was often uniquein their mentioning, and explaining their details. The researchis dividedto two sections: The first talks about the scientifically definition, investigation and enlightenment of thissole poem, and clearing it from misspelling and interpolating, which contributed to the its distortion. The second section was devoted to the study itself that dealt with the idea of life in the praise topic, and then turnedto study of vocabulary construction of Dalia.The study was dealtwith trip lexicon,praise lexicon and salient stylistic structures, which the poet shred in them in order to reach his goal, like his peers poets.Then,the study spotted rhythmic construction - including its content of metrical scale, rhyme and Interior music - which has been associated closely with the semantic meanings of the poem.So, the poem seemed asunite seeks the goal of the continuation of life, which are threatened with opponents' swords. The study also pointed to the names of places and celebrities that the text filled by, and it sought hardly to stand up and referral tothem as much as possible, and concluded a number of results.

Alkhawlany, Dalia, praise, Alqamah.

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